Be Bold. Be Brave. Be Beautiful.

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We would like to welcome to Born the Blog our very first Guest Blogger, Danni Davis (@daniellelaurendavis5). Danni is an Australian Open Women's Touch representative and has just recently completed a Bachelor in Criminology. Born and raised on Sydney's Northern Beaches, she now calls the Gold Coast home and has her own blog, The Danni Diaries, where she creates content to share her journey with the hope of inspiring the next generation. So read on and hear this amazing woman's story and her take on what being bold, brave and beautiful means to her. 

I remember back when I was just a little girl watching my brother play football one day down at Brookvale Oval for the Manly Warringah Sea Eagles. Like any normal weekend we would go down as a family to watch him play. I loved the atmosphere of being at the football, sliding down the back hill on cardboard boxes, running amuck with my sisters and our friends, watching my brother throw a footy around, it was something I looked forward to every weekend. This time watching him was a little bit different. At half time I watched a few of the local teams run out onto the field and play in a mini halftime event. Although they were much younger than me and only got to play for a few minutes, I distinctly remember watching girls running around on the field. Girls playing footy? What? They looked like they were having so much fun and I wanted a piece of it.

Later that night I remember waiting for my brother Dean out the back at the sheds where the players and officials would come out of the change rooms. Standing around waiting, the cheerleading team caught my eye. There stood these beautiful women that were bronzed, bold and dancing around like no one was watching. These women were fearless, brave and mesmerizing. I approached a few of the girls and started to make conversation, they asked me did I like to dance, and dress up? They told me that maybe one day I could be a cheerleader too. I remember thinking to myself, yes... I love dancing, yes... I love dressing up, but sadly no, I was never going to be a cheerleader.
"I'm going to play footy just like the boys".
In Cromer, on Sydney's Northern Beaches where I grew up, the Local Rugby League Club is about 500m away from the local dance school. On the weekends, most of the girls would be at dance class while I'd be down at the footy fields. I remember genuinely feeling left out for not doing dance as most of the girls I went to school with and my sisters were all doing it. I asked my mum and dad to sign me up. I think looking back on it now, I wanted to feel more like a girl. I wanted to be more like the cheerleaders down at Deans Footy game. Dance classes lasted all of around 2 months. I knew when I started that it just wasn’t for me, and while I loved dancing and getting dressed up and doing my hair and makeup, my heart knew it wasn’t where I belonged. You see, it took me a while to realize it, but playing footy instead of dancing didn’t mean I wasn’t a girl, it just made me more unique.

Danni Davis playing Touch Football for Australia

I started playing touch football in school (dad wouldn’t let me pay tackle) but I was happy to compromise as long as I had a footy in my hand. I took whatever I did on the field that made me feel good and tried to apply in different ways off the field. Take confidence for example. I was always a chatter box on the field and after realizing how good it made me feel I started participating in public speaking contests in school. I found the confidence in speaking to even run for school captain and got it! Finding something that I absolutely loved, regardless of what others thought, gave me so much confidence in different aspects of my life. I signed up for dance because I wanted to be like all the other girls, yet little did I know, all I had to do was be myself.

Being Brave was a little scary at first but it helped me to find my way. Being Bold took a lot of confidence and self-belief to trust myself enough to follow my heart. Being Beautiful wasn't something I could just simply be, I had feel it like I did when I found my muse. I was brave enough to quit dancing, I was bold enough to start playing footy, and at the end of the day, covered in mud running around in daggy clothes, dripping in sweat, I never felt more beautiful in my life.



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