From a Bad Back to Being your own Boss – The Story of Born

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It’s June 2015 and I’m lying in a hospital bed, 21 years old and I’ve just had my second back operation. I’d had my first operation just 2 years earlier but following it, hadn’t been given a proper rehab or recovery plan, meaning surgery was only temporarily solving the problem. My lack of core strength and poor posture was causing discs in my lower back to bulge, pinching nerves in my spine and shooting pain down my back and right leg. It stopped me from playing the sports I loved, it reduced intimacy in my relationship, it affected my sleep and it meant I was living with constant pain and discomfort. Thankfully, after my second operation, the surgeon identified that more needed to be done to avoid me having to potentially go under the knife for a third time a few years down the track. I was given a solid rehab plan with a physio, focusing on strengthening my back and core as well as working on improving my posture.

This recovery period is where I fell in love with activewear. It was not only the most comfortable thing to wear all day everyday straight out of surgery, but it also helped me feel comfortable taking on my new recovery and exercise routine. At the time, I had been working for one of Australia’s largest sports retailers, Amart Sports, for a couple of years, so my access to the latest activewear on the market was second to none and of course my wardrobe quickly became dominated with spandex. Although I had developed this love for activewear, and had a few definite favourite pairs of tights, I felt there was something missing in the industry. This is where I started to really pay attention to what was and wasn’t working for everyday women buying activewear.

Fast forward a couple of years to January 2017 and I’d just moved across the country to Perth in support of my partner Zach’s career. I was fortunate enough to be able to get a transfer across with Amart Sports. The move was tough as Zach was working a FIFO job, I didn’t really know many people in Perth and to be honest I wasn’t really enjoying my job either. Zach could tell that I wasn’t that happy, and in his very matter of fact way, asked me what I was going to do about it. He knew that from a young age that I had a keen interest in fashion and that I had studied a Diploma in Applied Fashion, Design & Technology. I had even attempted to launch Born the Label as a women’s fashion label not long out of school but had just not really pursued it that intently. I floated the idea of combining my passion for activewear with my knowledge from my studies and experience in sports retail to turn Born the Label into an activewear brand. Zach’s response was if I wanted it bad enough and was willing to put in the work, he would help me make it happen.
You could say I was happy about the sample tights

And so we come to today. After over a year of hard work, ups and downs and plenty of moments of doubt, Born the Label is alive. It marks the start of our journey to not only create that perfect tight but to create a community of like-minded individuals. A community that is there to help each other when they’re going through tough times and to encourage each other to pursue their dreams. We want to use this blog as that platform to build this community on the back of our activewear. We will blog about all things fitness, food, lifestyle, guest bloggers and anything our followers may want to dig into. So please let us know your thoughts on the blog and if you’ve taken anything out of it please share with a friend to help spread the word and start building the Born community.

Yours in tights,



  • Such a nice story! Its great to hear what happens behind the scenes! Keep them coming!

    Aden Petersen
  • Truly inspirational!!! Go get em girl!

  • Not only is your story Amazing but wow what an inspiration! From your back surgery to Amart to now.. you’re a fantastic testament that anything can happen if you work hard enough


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