Why Mother's Day is so Important

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The second Sunday of May every year marks a day that personally, is one of the most important on our calendar. I’m going to stop you right now though if you are thinking “Tayla, the only reason you find it so important is the commercial value that your business can gain from Mother’s Day”. That thought could not be any further from the truth for its actual importance to me. Yes, as a small business owner whose primary audience is females, I would love to get my tiny portion of the billion-dollar industry that Mother’s Day creates annually. But if getting that portion meant I couldn’t enjoy the day for what it represents, then I would give back every cent I ever got from it.

So why is it so important to me? Well I have a number of reasons. The first, and it’s going to sound cliché but it’s true, my Mum is my best friend and my biggest supporter. While I was growing up we never really did anything too special or traditional on Mother’s Day. We just used it as a day to treat Mum, just because that was what you did. It’s not until I got a bit older, and probably when I left home, that I realised the magnitude of the role that she fulfilled in my siblings and my life and the true reason why we should celebrate Mother’s Day. For starters, the first few years of my life, I was fully dependent on her. That dependence lessened over the years but the love and the care never diminished. These days I live on the other side of the country and only get to see mum a few times a year but that love and care stays just as strong. We talk all the time and whenever I am home, it’s like I never left.

With my mum & best friend

The second reason I find it so important is the transformative effect that becoming a mother can have. This is something I have witnessed first-hand in recent years. Three years ago, my sister and I barely spoke to each other. We’d had your typical sibling fights growing up but generally got on really well. As we grew up we drifted apart and we both had our own lives to live. We generally didn’t talk and didn’t have much to do with each other. And then she fell pregnant. My initial thoughts were, “Here we go, let’s see if she can handle this one”. Nine months later she gave birth to my first gorgeous niece, and how wrong my initial thoughts were. Being a mum just came naturally to her and her whole life and personality changed. She had a little human fully dependent on her and so she no longer put herself first. We became fully connected again and she was just a genuinely happy sister and mum. Bring us to the now and she has 2 beautiful little girls, a great fiancé and she (along with my mum) is one of my best friends.

With my Sister and 2 nieces

The last reason that I find it important is having an awareness of the fragility and uncertainty of life and human nature. The reason I mention this is that not everybody is fortunate enough to experience some of the aspects of motherhood that I have already spoken about. Now I’m starting to head into sensitive territory, but for many different reasons, people either don’t know or have a mother in their life and many people who wish to become mothers are not able to. I don’t have any particular examples close to me that I can speak upon in this type of situation, but I do know that for some, Mother’s Day can bring about sadness or may not be celebrated. So just keep that as a little reminder of what your Mother’s Day really means for you.

To all reading along, take a moment to think about what Mother’s Day means to you. Be sure to put all the pampering and presents aside for a moment to truly appreciate your mum. After giving her a hug and a kiss, why not tell her a few things that you are really grateful for, I can guarantee it will be more valuable than anything else you give her. I hope to be fortunate enough to be a mum one day, but for now I will appreciate and celebrate with my mum and the other mum’s in my life. To all of the mum’s reading, enjoy your Mother’s Day, you’ve earnt it.  

Yours in tights,


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